Abstract submission


Participants are invited to present the outcome of their research at the GGMM-SFCi. Abstracts must be submitted in pdf files, entitled with name, with OC mention for a wished oral communication, via emails to

ggmm.sfci2021@gmail.com before June 04th, 2021 and should be no longer than 400 words according to the following template.



Presenting authora, other author 1b, other author 2c

a address 1 

b address 2

c address 3


                400 words in calibri 11 to describe the background1, objectives, methods2, results and conclusions.


1 Example B, Beispiel Z. Defining a subject in a concise format, J. Biblio., 2004, 32-1429.

2 Exemple P, Esempio P. Some things to know about how to do it, J. Methods, 2021, 15-27.



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