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For the first time, the two main french events dedicated to computational chemistry, the 22th GGMM (Group of Graphism and Molecular Modeling) and the 10th SFCi (French Society of Chemoinformatics) meetings, will be held in a single event at LILLIAD Learning Center Innovation of Villeneuve d’Ascq from September 29th to October 1st of current 2021. It is a unique opportunity to scan the french scientific landscape of computational chemistry through communications from the largest research network of mainly academic labs. 


The upcoming event will fit 6 sessions spred along three days with a first half dedicated to the GGMM showcasing the advances in the field of molecular modeling, novel technical and conceptual approaches to analyze structures and molecular interaction ruling the life sciences. The two last half days will correspond to the SFCi meeting dealing with hot topics like artificial intelligence or big data applied to chemical data mining or drug discovery.


Lecture keynotes, short talks and poster communications will drive these scientific days highlighting more particularly the work of young scientists. 


Anyone without a valid health pass will be refused entry.


Please make these communities live longer and stronger! Register and submit your abstract!


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